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Brittany T.

Brittany Tutors: Math: K-10 / TACHS: Math / SAT: Math & Science / And helps as an administrative assistant

I tutor math & science at Tutoring by Christine and I love it. I’m honored and inspired to be a part of teaching young students to be successful in life. I also provide customer support and manage the needs and requests of students, parents, and tutors.

Hello! My name is Brittany.

I’ve been tutoring math and science at Tutoring by Christine for about 3 years. I tutor math for K-10 and TACHS, and math & science for the SAT test prep courses. I also do private one-on-one math & science tutoring here at Tutoring by Christine. When I’m not tutoring, my responsibilities are to prepare materials for class work and homework. Grade homework assignments and assist the director with various daily responsibilities in planning and organizing course materials. Provide customer support and manage the needs and requests of students, parents, and tutors.

Math is an essential life skill for all students. It helps with problem solving, understanding shapes and measures, and developing their own spatial awareness.

Science helps with critical thinking cultivates curiosity and is essential to understanding and solving problems. Science teaches children not to take information for granted. It helps them separate fact from fiction.

The ultimate goal for me as a teacher is to promote learning, accommodate various learning styles, and create an adequate setting that is conducive to learning.

My Education

Pace University
B.S. in Biology

My Experience

Tutoring By Christine
Mathematics Tutor
Pace University
Student Coordinator
Pace University
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