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Meditation Classes to Help with Anxiety

Calming anxiety during
difficult times.

If you’re feeling extra anxiety these days due to the Covid-19 coronavirus, you’re not alone, many people are experiencing heightened stress and anxiety. With schools closed and many parents working from home it’s hard not to start spiraling into full-blown panic or depression.
Responsibilities seem endless, the situation dire, and it seems like time for yourself has become a thing of the past. These are trying times, but incorporating mindfulness meditation practices into your daily routine can help calm anxiety and build healthy coping skills.

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Keeping it simple.

“Mindfulness meditation isn’t complicated,” says Denise Olsen, RN, Meditation & Yoga instructor. Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. Trying to center your thoughts and be in the moment that’s mindfulness. Taking five minutes in the morning before everyone is awake can be a great time to really ground yourself. Setting aside time to practice mindful activities, as a family will help everyone feel less anxious.

Making peace with

We’re living through uncertain times. We don’t know what’s going to happen next how long it will last or how things will be like when it’s over. One thing we do know is that worrying about it won’t change the outcome. Learning how to tolerate the uncertainty is a huge part of building healthy coping skills for ourselves, which we then want to model for our children.

Learning mindfulness
meditation with Denise Olsen.

Christine Carroll and the TBC team were looking for ways to give back to the community during these difficult times. Christine reached out to Denise Olsen a registered nurse, meditation & Yoga instructor and together they are offering free online-guided meditation classes.

As we navigate through these difficult times, please join us for a special online, group meditation to actively release fear and restore peace within.

We are asking anyone who is interested in the online-guided meditation classes to register for this event. We need you to register so we can organize the classes based on when most people are available to attend. We will send out an email invitation to people who are registered. When you get the email, please reply to let us know that you will attend. If things changed in your schedule and you can’t attend, please let us know so we can put you in a different class.

Let’s get through this healthier and stronger together.
Thank you! Christine Carroll, Denise Olsen, and the TBC team.

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The meditation classes will be offered on the following dates: Wednesdays at 10am and on Saturdays at 9am. We are looking to get at least 12 participants per class. If a class falls short on registration, we will cancel the class. You can register and participate in all the classes or just choose one. We suggest you choose all the available dates if you can make it. This way we have a better chance of at least getting enough people in one class. Once a class is scheduled, you will get an email with instruction on login into Zoom. We will be using the Zoom app for the online-guided meditation classes. Please have the app installed and become familiar with it before the class. We will not be able to help you install or troubleshoot the Zoom app. You can get information on the zoom app here
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Free Online-Guided Meditation Classes

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