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Lisa L.

Lisa Tutors: Math: K-10 / TACHS: Math / SHSAT: Math

I have a BA in mathematics and a minor in Italian from the College of Staten Island. I'm working on pursuing my masters in mathematics education, grades 7-12.

Hello! My name is Lisa.

I’ve been tutoring math at Tutoring by Christine for many years now. I tutor 2-10 grade math and 7-8 grade math for the TACHS & SHSAT test prep courses. I also do private one-on-one math here at Tutoring by Christine.

My goal is to help my students gain the strength and self confidence they need in the areas of math that they would find difficult to learn on their own. I use special techniques to teach my students to learn and remember mathematics to help them get passing grades.

Tutoring doesn’t feel like a job to me; it’s fun! Every day is an adventure filled with learning for me and my students.

Teaching math requires a lot of creativity because all students see math differently. Every year, I meet students who enter my classroom with high math anxiety. Too many young people do not see themselves as mathematically (and academically) capable. I listen to their stories to gauge why learning math has been a struggle, then use their experience as a guide to be a better math teacher for them.

I love watching students grow into confident mathematicians. I love the feeling they get when they at first can’t figure it out and then are able to finally understand it. The work I do is impactful and powerful and I love it!

My Education

The College of Staten Island
BA in Mathematics
The College of Staten Island
Starting my Masters in Mathematics program

My Experience

Tutoring By Christine
Mathematics Tutor
Retail Business
College Graduate
Mathematics and Italian
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