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New Regents Classes and Exam dates for 2024

The New York State High School Regents Exams measure student achievement in high school-level courses. In order to graduate from high school, students must pass the Regents exams.

New SHSAT-TACHS Combination Classes

This course is designed to prepare students for both the SHSAT and the TACHS exam. Certain topics are covered on both tests, such as reading comprehension, grammar, and math. The TACHS test has an additional ability section. This course will focus mostly on the more challenging SHSAT reading, grammar, and math. Students will take both SHSAT and TACHS practice tests and will be taught how to tackle the ability section.

College Board will soon make the SAT digital

You’ve probably already heard that College Board will soon make the SAT digital. It’s an exciting move in the right direction. But it might also mean that you’ve got questions.

College Board isn’t just going to take the paper-and-pencil test and put it on the computer. They’re taking the opportunity to make the SAT a far better test experience for you. 

What’s Staying the Same?

  • Still measuring the knowledge and skills that matter most for universities. 
  • Still scored on a 1600 scale. 
  • Still administering in schools or test centers with a proctor present (not at home). Test centers will continue to be open to all students, not just those enrolled in that school. 
  • Still offering access to free, world-class practice resources. 
  • Still supporting all students, including those who need accommodations on test day. 


What’s Changing?

  • You’ll take the SAT on a laptop or tablet. 
  • You’ll take a shorter test, about 2 hours instead of 3. 
  • You’ll have shorter reading passages instead of a few long texts. 
  • You’ll be allowed to use your calculator on the entire math section and there’s a calculator built right into the digital testing application. 

Our Summer Program Classes are essential for students to retain skills and knowledge acquired in the previous summer year. Students who do not engage in summer classes are at risk of lagging behind their classmates. Ensure that your child is an active learner throughout the summer to avoid summer learning loss.

Friends Together Program

Sign up with a friend or two to create your own private small group, and every student in the group receives $15 off from the regular tutoring rate.

We provide one-on-one and small group private tutoring for all of our available subjects. The cost for private tutoring varies depending upon the subject and number of students. Our tutors assist students from elementary school through high school in subjects including ELA, Science, Math, and Social Studies. Students can enroll in a small group package as soon as July if they want to get a jump start on a challenging class that they will be starting in the fall, or if they are concerned about learning loss as a result of online schooling. All materials as well as practice tests are included...

Thank You!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for entrusting Tutoring by Christine with your child’s educational needs.
Tutoring by Christine has entered the 2023 year stronger than before. We continue to offer and improve upon the high-quality academic tutoring by certified, experienced educators that families have come to rely upon for the past 11 years. We offer private tutoring for all students in grades kindergarten to high school. Tutoring by Christine takes a unique and innovative approach to tutoring that helps students connect with the subject matter they need to master…

About Us

All tutors at Tutoring By Christine are committed to helping students by providing a positive tutorial experience. Our content specialist tutors have strong teaching backgrounds and knowledge in content specific disciplines. The goal of each tutorial is to help students to develop strategies that will help strengthen their knowledge, develop transferable learning skills, and achieve academic success. Our tutoring services will assist students to become independent learners and increase their motivation to learn. Our tutors work with each student individually and in small group settings to provide the best type of tutorial. Both individual and small group tutoring sessions are available.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact

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Tutoring by Christine is a safe learning environment that encourages all to succeed. We strive to create a positive, supportive community through calm, productive interactions. We aim to ensure that students become self-motivated, competent, and lifelong learners. The students at Tutoring by Christine will recognize that learning and education are instruments to achieve personal success and that success means having abundant opportunities.

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"My child has attended Tutoring by Christine since elementary school. As a younger student, my daughter received additional help in reading and mathematics. She has gained conceptual knowledge in mathematics and learned reading strategies which she utilizes in the classroom and while completing her homework. This has made her more confident and has built her self-esteem. Today my child is a High School honor student and she looks forward to her tutoring sessions for the NYS Regents Prep. As a parent, I am most grateful for the dedication of the staff, as a fellow educator, I am most grateful for their knowledge and the confidence they have instilled in my child."



“Thank you so much for all your support, motivation, and professionalism. We are so grateful for all you do.”

Corinne Garritano


“My daughter has been going to Tutoring by Christine since 8th grade and it has helped her greatly by boosting her confidence and getting her ready to start HS. I will forever be grateful for all your help.”

Denise Villamagna


“I want to thank Tutoring by Christine for helping my son prepare for his TACHS test. He has a 504 plan accommodation for his vision and the staff helped him in every way to prepare him on taking the test. Jill was very reassuring and everyone treated us like family. I am so proud to say that my son made it into his school of choice, thanks to your staff. I will definitely be back in 3 years with my other son.”



“We are thankful to Tutoring by Christine for their Regent’s prep and SAT tutoring services. Our son has greatly improved in both Math and English. They have been professional and very accommodating to our son’s needs.” Thank you!



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