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SAT Test Prep


About this course

At Tutoring by Christine, SAT class sizes are capped at fifteen students, allowing students to ask questions and to get one-on-one support from expert instructors. Students are provided with all materials, which include a binder of official College Board SAT materials, research-based reading, writing, and math materials, and teacher created SAT review materials.

Our most popular 8-week program prepares students with 30 hours of class instruction and three full-length College Board SAT tests, proctored under exam-taking conditions for both written and digital format of the exam. By the end of the course, students will have had ample opportunities to master effective test-taking strategies and to thoroughly practice using class materials.

For the past six years, we have been supporting students in reaching their goal of gaining college admittance to schools such as Yale, Binghamton, Baruch, Seton Hall, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Pace University. Doctoral candidate, Christine Carroll, has designed an SAT test prep program that guides students in a content review of what’s on the exam as well as in advanced test-taking strategies.

The Reading and Writing component of the course.

The Evidence Based Reading and Writing portion of the program covers reading comprehension strategies to tackle the command of evidence and words in context questions that are tested on the exam. Many students have not received formal schooling in the Essential English Conventions that are tested on the SAT; therefore, students will be introduced to the fundamental content that is tested on the writing and language and then provided with time to reinforce the skills and content.

The Math component of the course.

The course provides students with analytical support needed to successfully answer the calculator and no calculator sections of the SAT math: Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Passport to Advanced Math, and additional essential math topics.


Is there homework assignments?

Students are also given high-quality homework assignments to use in between class sessions. This ensures that students will keep practicing and get better at the different skills and strategies that have been introduced and taught in class.

Is the SAT Course effective?

Historically, students who follow the program have an average of a 200-point increase in test scores.

Can students make up missed classes?

Students may make up missed classes when instructors are given advance notification of planned absences.

How Important is the SAT?

According to US News, few exams hold the same weight as the SAT in the college admissions landscape. Even in an era when more colleges are beginning to go test-optional, the SAT still weighs heavily on the minds of students who hope a high score will open the doors to their dream schools.

Do you offer a refresh course?

We offer a 10 hour course for those students who have already taken an official SAT exam and who want to polish their skills before taking another exam.

Other Instructors:

Christine: Founder - Tutors: ELA: K-12 / Math: 6-8 / Science: K-9 / TACHS / SHSAT / SAT: Verbal
Jill Tutors: ELA K-12 / Social Studies K-9 / Science K-9 / TACHS Verbal
Lisa Tutors: Math: K-10 / TACHS: Math / SHSAT: Math
Michelle Tutors: ELA: Grades K-12 (Reading & Writing) / TACHS: ELA
Nicolette Tutors: Elementary Math & ELA (Grades K-5)
Taylor Tutors: Math and English Language Arts


The SAT exam is a standardized test that helps universities examine where you stand in a more objective manner. The test is a good criterion for universities and examiners to figure out how well prepared you are for college as well as get a better idea about the skills you’ve developed in school. There are three main sections on the SAT: Reading, Writing & Language, and Math. There is also an optional essay. For this SAT Course we will cover the following:

WEEKS 1 - 3

The goal for reading in this class is to read college level material closely and critically in order to answer difficult questions about the text. The Reading Section for the SAT requires students to answer evidence-based questions about a challenging reading selection in a timed setting. The class will prepare and practice for these reading passages and questions.

WEEKS 4- 7

The goal for writing in this class is to prepare for the optional essay section on the new SAT which will be required by some colleges. Learning to plan and respond in writing quickly will help students on the SAT Writing test as well as other exams with writing including AP exams, college exams, SAT subject tests, etc. The new essay is an analysis essay based on a piece of text, so we will discuss and practice writing literary and rhetorical analysis.

WEEKS 8-12

The goal for math in this class is to practice the types of questions asked on the SAT test and to learn how to avoid the most common mistakes. The mathematics section is divided into two parts – one with a calculator and one section without using a calculator. The mathematics section is focused around 3 core areas, these include: Algebra, Data Analysis and Problem Solving, and Advanced Math.


The essay section of the SAT exam helps the university determine your reading, writing, and analytical skills all at once. This section is panned out in a manner where you will be expected to read a 650-700 words long passage, after reading the passage you will have to analyze how the author builds the argument and write it in a coherent manner in a 50-minute duration.

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