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TACHS Math Quiz #1

June 12, 2024

Math Test: TACHS Math Quiz #1

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that answers the question.

1) Write the digits for the hundred thousands place and the tens place values in the whole number   2,875,478

2) Find the missing number:   __________ +  199 = 322

3) Find the missing number:   ___________ - 78 = 354

4) Calculate the product:    817 * 98 =

5) Find the quotient:   1353/33

6) Sue had $487 in her bank account. She deposited a $1038 paycheck and a $670 paycheck. How much did she deposit and what was her new balance?

7) Alan averages 30 miles per gallon of gasoline in his car. How far can he travel on 22 gallons of gasoline?

8) A team of 10 runners competed in a relay race.  Each runner had to run 1460 yards.  How long was the race?

9) Jill earns $23 per hour.  Last week, she worked 3 hours on Monday, 8 hours on Tuesday,  9 hours on Wednesday, 7 hours on Thursday, and then she was off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  How much money did Jill earn in all last week?

10) Round 5088 to the nearest ten, nearest hundred, and nearest thousand

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