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TACHS Math Quiz #2

June 10, 2024

Math Test: TACHS Math Quiz #2

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that answers the question.

1) A glue factory made 8,667 sticks of glue. After arranging the sticks into packs, the factory did not have any extra sticks of glue. How many sticks of glue could the factory be putting in each pack?

2) A farmer picked 365 apples. She needs to divide the apples into baskets to sell at the market. The farmer wants to put the same number of apples in each bag with no apples left over. How many apples could the farmer put in each bag?

3) A candle factory needs to ship an order of 4,791 scented candles. The factory will ship the candles in several boxes. Each box must contain the same number of candles. How many boxes could the factory use for the order?

4) John had 52 baseball cards.  He got 18 new cards.  Now, he wants to divide all of the cards into piles with 12 cards in each pile.  Estimate how many piles of cards John will have. 

6) During a closeout sale, a clothing store sold 400 tops and 578 pairs of jeans.  To the nearest ten, what is the total amount of clothing that the store sold.

7) Which of the of the following numbers is even?

8) Which of the following sums is a prime number?

9) Which of the following products is composite?

10) Mrs. Smith is getting materials together for her class’s test.  She is making identical packages of pencils and calculators.  She has 72 pencils and 24 calculators and she must use all of the materials.  If Mrs. Smith creates the greatest number of identical packages possible, how many pencils will be in each package? 

11) Diana is making goody bags for her party on Friday night.  She has one bag of 18 Snicker bars and one bag of 12 packs of Skittles.  Diana wants to use all of the Snicker bars and packs of Skittles to make identical snack bags for her friends.  What is the greatest number of snack bags that Diana can make. 

12) Bob goes golfing every 6th day and Brad goes golfing every 7th day.  If Bob and Brad both went golfing today, how many days until they will go golfing on the same day again?

13) Sal is going to plant 54 oak trees and 27 pine trees. He would like to plant the trees in rows that all have the same number of trees and are made up of only one type of tree. What is the greatest number of trees Sal can have in each row?

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