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TACHS Math Quiz #6

May 21, 2024

Math Test: TACHS Math Quiz #6

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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that answers the question.

1) Change 9% into a decimal. 

2)  Vanessa was trying to put some files on her flash drive. If she had one file that was 1.9 mb and another file that was 3.8 mb what is their combined file size?

3)  Luke ate a snack with 91 total calories. If the chips he ate were 41.2 calories, how many calories were in the rest of his snack?

4 ) On Monday and Tuesday the lake received 18.45 inches of water. If it received 7.85 inches on Monday, how much did it receive on Tuesday?

5) Add:   3.456, 25 and 12.78

6) Divide 98.6 by 2.5. Round to the nearest tenth.

7) Jen is paid $7.75 an hour to work in a toy store on Monday afternoons and $9.95an hour on Saturdays. If Jen works for three hours on Monday and 5 hours on Saturday, how much money will she earn?

8) Convert 0.0081 to scientific notation.

9)  Convert 0.18 into a percent and a fraction in simplest form.

10)  Convert 209 into scientific notation.

11) Which of the following is NOT prime?

12) List the following decimals in order from least to greatest:

12.67, 1.26, 126.7, 0.126

13) What is the greatest common factor of 15 and 60?

14) What is the least common multiple of 9 and 36?

15) Evaluate 5^4

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