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    We Have Top Tutors in Every Subject.

    Our tutors provide academic instruction to individuals or small groups outside of the classroom. They help students to improve their grades, understand difficult concepts, receive extra help to catch up with classroom lessons, prepare for college, and get ready for formal standardized examinations, such as the SAT. In order to serve students effectively, tutors must be able to tap into what motivates each individual student and adjust their approach accordingly. If you think you have the qualifications and experience to join our team, please send us your contact information and we will reach out to you. Thank you!

    Nikki Tutor: ELA and Math grades 3 through 9 and helps as an administrative assistant
    Michelle Tutors: ELA: Grades K-12 (Reading & Writing) / TACHS: ELA
    Lisa Tutors: Math: K-10 / TACHS: Math / SHSAT: Math
    Jill Tutors: ELA K-12 / Social Studies K-9 / Science K-9 / TACHS Verbal
    Christine: Founder - Tutors: ELA: K-12 / Math: 6-8 / Science: K-9 / TACHS / SHSAT / SAT: Verbal
    Brittany Tutors: Math: K-10 / TACHS: Math / SAT: Math & Science / And helps as an administrative assistant
    Alley Tutors: Math for all high school subjects including algebra, geometry, algebra 2 and precalculus.
    Jackie Tutors: General Ed and Special Ed in all subjects grades K-6

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