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BY STEVE COHEN, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR — THE VIEWS EXPRESSED BY CONTRIBUTORS ARE THEIR OWN AND NOT THE VIEW OF THIS WEBSITE. Several months ago, the call went out from Harvard: They needed every former admissions officer possibly available to help read an overwhelming flood of applications. The reason? There seems to be only one reason for anything these days: COVID-19. Across the nation, and even in Cambridge, Mass., the past school year had been pretty much of a

As parents begin to consider standardized testing options between SAT and ACT, there are many who also need to consider testing accommodations. For students who need SAT/ACT testing accommodation, this starts from what they currently have in place at their high school – IEP or 504 Plan. Most private schools differ to the extent in which these learning plans are implemented or called. WHERE TO START: Parents usually spearhead this process. It starts with knowing what

What is Test Optional Test Optional in college admissions is not a new movement, but it has certainly increased in intensity as a result of the pandemic and even before. In 2020 widespread cancelations of ACT and SAT test dates throughout the country forced even colleges who highly value and desire ACT-SAT scores as part of their admission decision to abandon this requirement for the class of 2021 and most are extending this to the class of

Many students are searching for healthy practices that relieve stress, calm frazzled nerves and help them relax. Mindfulness is a natural, easy-to-follow meditation method that offers college kids who are feeling the grind important physical, emotional and psychological benefits. No fancy meditation equipment to buy, no member’s card to acquire: a few minutes a day is all that’s required. It seems like from grade school to college, today’s students can barely find time to take a

Here's how to support your child's growing skills and plant the seed for a lifelong love of reading. BY COURTENAY SMITHFEB. 07, 2020AGES: 4-8 Hearing your child read words aloud for the first time is a lot like watching a baby take their first steps. There is the thrill of the milestone balanced by the knowledge that there's still a long road ahead.  Thankfully, there are plenty of first reader books and early reading titles that have been created

It’s not only poor performers who are affected by Annie Brookman-ByrneFebruary 10, 2020 Anxiety about maths is linked to lower maths scores. Yet recent evidence shows that the majority of children who have high maths anxiety are not poor performers in maths. Teachers and parents have a role to play in reducing maths anxiety and encouraging greater uptake of maths. Maths is often considered a particularly difficult subject, with many children and adults reporting feelings of maths anxiety. There is ample

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